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How To Check A Mini Moto Clutch For Wear

How To Check A Mini Moto Clutch For Wear

Mini Moto clutch

The clutches on 50cc mini motors are consumable items that will eventually ware out just like the clutch in your car. The amount of mileage you get out of a clutch will depend on multiple factors such as rider weight, terrain and driving style. In this guide we explain the common signs that your clutch is worn out and help you check the clutch for wear and damage.

Increase the life of your clutch

All 50cc mini motos have a maximum rider weight. Exceeding this maximum weight will cause the clutch too experience excessive ware and lead too the clutch pads wearing down too the metal and can also lead too the springs in the clutch breaking.

Another common cause of clutch wear is excessive revving of a mini moto. Whilst revving your mini moto when stationary might sound really cool. It will lead too clutch wear as the pads on the clutch will be slipping. It is recommended that when riding a mini moto the bike is brought up too speed and not revved whilst stationary. This will help increase the lifetime of your clutch.

Common signs that your clutch is worn

Some common signs of a worn out clutch are

  • Rear wheel constantly turning
  • Bike will not start with the wheel on the ground
  • Bike will rev up but not move forward
  • Pull cord will not turn

If you are experiencing any of the above then you will need to check your clutch for wear.

Checking your clutch for wear

The steps below are for people who own a 50cc mini moto style motorbike.

1) Locate the gearbox

50cc Mini Moto Clutch location

The gearbox is located on the left side of the bike. This is the opposite side of the bike to the pull cord. The gearbox has been highlighted in red above.

2) Remove the gearbox

Bolts to remove gearbox

The clutch on a mini moto 50cc sits behind the gearbox and so you will need to remove the gearbox to gain access to the clutch. The four bolts circled above will need removing so that the gearbox can be detached from the engine. All four of the bolts will need a 8mm spanner or sprocket to remove them. 

3) Slide the gearbox out of the way

Gearbox slid out of the way

Carefully slide the gearbox so that the clutch is clearly in view. If care is taken then the chain will not become detached from the gearbox meaning it does not need to be reattached. If the chain does come off you need to make sure it is reattached before reassembling the bike.

4) Assess the state of the clutch

50cc Mini Moto Clutch

Above is a photo of a clutch that is brand new. If the springs on your clutch have become detached or the pads have worn down to the metal then its time for a new clutch. It should be very obvious if your clutch is worn as there will be loads of black clutch material or visible damage on the clutch.

5) Reassemble the bike

Gearbox attached too bike

Carefully swing the gearbox back over the clutch making sure that the chain has not slipped off. Finally insert and tighten the four bolts that you removed earlier so that the gearbox is securely fastened to the bike. A good tip is to tighten the bolts one by one by hand and then do the last bit with a spanner so that all the bolts are evenly tightened.

After completing the steps in this guide you should have a good idea if you need a new clutch and will have also learn how to access your clutch. 


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