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How To Change A Mini Moto Coil Pack

How To Change A Mini Moto Coil Pack

One of the most common parts on a 50cc mini moto that might need replacing is the coil pack. The coil pack is responsible for generating an electrical pulse which in turn produces a spark from the spark plug which ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber each stroke of the engine. When the coil pack is not working there will be no spark from the spark plug meaning your two stroke engine will not be able to ignite any fuel meaning your bike will not run. This guide will teach you how to change the coil on your mini moto 50cc style dirt bike.

1) Remove the spark plug cap

Removing coil HT lead

First you will need to remove the spark plug cap from the spark plug. To do this you will need to twist the cap left and then right repeatedly whilst also pulling upwards until the cap slips off. 

2) Remove the pull start

Removing pull cord and housing

To gain access to the coil pack the pull start and its housing will need to be removed. This is a quick job and will require you to remove three bolts circled above. Once you have removed these bolts the pull cord and housing will come off from the bike revealing the fly wheel and then coil pack of your 50cc mini moto.

3) Remove the coil pack

Removing coil pack from engine block

Now that the coil pack is accessible the next step is to remove it from the engine block. To do this you will need to unscrew the two marked bolts above. Take care when undoing these bolts as they are under a large amount of torque and have a tendency to loosen suddenly.

4) Detaching coil pack cabling

Detaching coil cabling

Your old coil pack will now be hanging freely from the bike. You will need to detach the two electric connections which are located under the fuel tank of the bike. They might be attached with a zip tie which you may need to cut. Your old coil pack will now be completely removed from the bike and can be disposed of if broken.

5) Attaching new coil pack

Attaching new coil pack to the engine block

Place your new coil pack onto the engine block of the bike and secure it using the two fixing bolts that were removed previously. Make sure the coil pack cannot move and that the metal prongs do not rub on the flywheel.

6) Reassembling coil pack cabling

Reattaching the coil pack cabling

Now that your new coil pack is attached to your bike it is time to reconnect the cabling for the coil pack. Make sure the wires are pushed fully into the sockets. Once attached it is a good idea to use a new zip tie to make sure the cables do not dangle around the bike.

7) Reattach pull cord

Reattaching the pull cord and housing

Reinsert the three bolts you removed previously to reattach the pull cord. Make sure that you connect the golden wires under the top bolt which ensures the kill cord and ignition barrel function correctly.

8) Plug the spark plug back in

Attaching the coil pack ht lead to spark plug

Finally reattach the coil pack cap. You should now be ready to go with a brand new coil pack.

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