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Welcome to the Generation 3 juicebox, this time specifically designed with those who are vertically challenged in mind. We have done away with all the fancy stuff and decided to give you exactly what you've been asking for: a small pit bike suitable for small people at a reasonable price. Although small, the Juicebox3 is perfectly formed and incredibly tough and durable. Taking its geometry from the Honda CRF50, with low sculpted seat and 12/10 wheels, the JB3 sits at only 64 cm off the ground, perfect for any beginner or BIG KID alike (the JB3 will take a rider up to 9 stone). Updated with new Stomp Race graphics and new PRO footpegs.


ENGINE Bullet proof YX 110 cc semi auto 4 speed all-up gearbox
EXHAUST Stealth 'quiet' exhaust system
FRAME light-weight steel spine
CLAMPS Conventional oil filled forks with strong steel triple
SHOCK Adjustable pre-load
SWING ARM Specially designed short length mx style
RIMS SDG hubs with 12/10" steel
TYRES Quality off-road trail


TANK Composite fuel
PLASTICS Hi impact polypropylene
BARS Light-weight steel
LEVER Fold back brake lever
ROTORS Hydraulic disk brakes with light weight rotors
GRAPHICS Updated juicebox3 3-m Stomp Race graphics with Stomp race sponsor logos

What do you recommend for 5 years old?

What do you recommend for 5 years old.

What is the seat height?

What is the seat height.

Have you got any 250cc?

Have you got any 250cc

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