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Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6 12v with Parental Remote Control – EVA Tyres and Leather Seat

Just imagine what this Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6 looks like through the eyes of your child or grandchild!

The Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6 with incredible detail is one of the hottest styles around and now your kids can drive one, too!

Incredable detail – Check the incredible attention to detail this Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6 has. Also being an Officially Licenced product means that Mercedes have personally checked the authentisity and Quality of this Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6 before they authorise the use of the official Mercedes badge.

The parental remote is optional, and this battery powered, ride on electric car can also be driven by the normal in-car controls by using the gearstick and pedal. The parental control can operate the car in forwards and reverse gears, and also turn the steering wheel left and right.

Specification – Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6

    • Parental Remote Control – For when your child needs a bit of help
    • Opening doors – Opening doors just like the real G-Wagon.
    • Opening Bonnet – Just like the real G-Wagon
    • Upgraded Wheels – With EVA tyres
    • Upgraded Leather Seat – For better comfort
    • Working spring suspension – Realistic and fully working front and rear spring suspension
    • 2.4G Bluetooth Parental remote control – The car can be used with the in-car controls, using the pedal, forwards/reverse switch and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. The parental remote uses Blutooth technology to eliminate interference and can operate from up to around 20m away, it controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right.
    • MP3/USB player input – The car comes with a cable which plugs in to the dashboard, allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker. There is also a USB socket for plugging in a memory stick with your own music for playing through the car speakers. Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds!
    • Working lights – The front headlights can be switched on and off using the dashboard switch, the rear lights illuminate in reverse.
    • Twin motors – Twin motors for each rear drive wheel means better performance on rougher surfaces or grass
    • Horn and music sounds – Steering wheel activated horn and music sounds

Other Information – Ride On Fully Licenced Mercedes AMC G-Wagon G63 6×6

  • Licence – Marcedes Fully licenced product
  • Available Colours – White
  • Optional Leather seat – With seat belt for child safety
  • Working Lights – Switchable front, rear and search lights
  • Parental Remote – Included, 2.4G Bluetooth (optional use)
  • Suitable age range – 3-6 (or younger with full parental supervision)
  • Charge time – 14 hours for a full charge
  • Run time – Up to 1 hour from a full charge (depending on the type of use)
  • Battery type – 12V (1 x 12V 7Ah) lead acid
  • Motor type – 2 x 12V 35W
  • Maximum speed – 3.5km/h
  • Maximum Load – 30kg
  • Suitable operating surface – Firm, flat surfaces and flat lawns only
  • Dimensions – 130cm x 66cm x 56.5cm
  • Box size and weight – 132 x 61 x 49cm

Item Condition
All the models, accessories and spares we sell are brand new and unused in the original manufacturers packaging and the latest specification.
We do not sell customer returns, factory seconds, reconditioned or old specification items.

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