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Ride On FarmTrack 6 X 6 Two Seater UTV with Tipper A730-2 Kids Electric Tractor

Just imagine what this Ride On FarmTrack 6 X 6 Two Seater UTV with Tipper A730-2 looks like through the eyes of your child or grandchild!

This 12V FarmTrac 6×6 Utility 2 seater truck with tipper, Kids Electric Tractor UTV is the perfect gift for budding farmers. It isn’t just any 12V kids electric tractor, it comes with twin black faux leather seats, tipping bed,  12V battery to hold plenty of charge and 4 motors giving an average speed to 3-5mph, noise reduction EVA wheels, LED lights, music and a host of added extras. Comes complete with UK charger and all the necessary accessories.

This 2 seater 12V Farm Trac is one of the perfect outdoor toys fun for kids. They can take a friend on a farming adventure. The flat bed is perfect for carrying things around to get the job done! Your child will be the envy of the grown-ups, never mind the other kids. You can relax in confidence that this kids electric tractor also comes with a parental remote which is one of its most popular safety features with our customers. With just a flick of a switch it allows you to select between manual mode or remote. In manual mode, the vehicle is controlled using the steering wheel and pedals, while in remote mode, these are disabled and the vehicle is instead controlled by the remote-control handset, giving parents peace of mind.

If your child is into farm machinery, then this is a good buy. Imaginative Play is beneficial to your child’s growth and development, so what more do they need than this kids electric tractor to enable real life play situations and make your child’s play experience even better. They can help feed the animals, help grow a garden, fetch and carry supplies and act out various tasks. This kids ride on will give your little one a great driving experience, so order online today

Specification – Ride On FarmTrac Utility 6×6 2 Seater Truck With Tipper

  • Working Tipper Back – Just like a real FarmTrack
  • Leather Twin Seats
  • MP3/USB player input – The car comes with a cable which plugs in to the dashboard, allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker. There is also a USB socket for plugging in a memory stick with your own music for playing through the car speakers. Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds!
  • Working lights – The front headlights can be switched on and off using the dashboard switch, the rear lights illuminate in reverse.
  • Battery Indicator
  • Twin motors – Twin motors for each rear drive wheel means better performance on rougher surfaces or grass.
  • Horn and music sounds – Steering wheel activated horn and music sounds.

Other Information – Ride On FarmTrac Utility 6×6 2 Seater Truck With Tipper

  • Available Colours – Green
  • Number of Seats – 2
  • Safety Belts – 2
  • Working Lights – Switchable front lights
  • Suitable age range – 3-6 (or younger with full parental supervision)
  • Charge time – 14 hours for a full charge
  • Run time – Up to 1 hour from a full charge (depending on the type of use)
  • Battery type – 12V (1 x 12V 10Ah) lead acid
  • Motor type – 1 x 12V 35W
  • Maximum speed – 3.5km/h
  • Maximum Load – 40kg
  • Suitable operating surface – Firm, flat surfaces and flat lawns only
  • Dimensions – 150cm x76m x 72cm
  • Box size and weight – 149 x 63 x 42cm

Item Condition
All the models, accessories and spares we sell are brand new and unused in the original manufacturers packaging and the latest specification.
We do not sell customer returns, factory seconds, reconditioned or old specification items.

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