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Himoto Racing Electric RC Buggy 3101 1/10 4WD 2.4G Blue Lightening, Syclone and Night Flame

The Himoto Racing Electric RC buggy 3101 is a great way to start because it is so easy to upgrade.
The Battery, Motor, Gears, Shocks and Suspension are all upgradeable meaning when you want to take your hobby to the next level, you can simply upgrade instead of buying a new model.

Product Information
The Himoto Racing Electric RC buggy 3101 is Fast and furious! Fast buggy with RC 540 motor and crash resistant Lexan body allows you to race with speed and style! Comes with anti-skid tires, great for off road racing.

This is a high spec model that not only is high quality and pro built but is also highly upgradeable. This model is not to be confused with the entry level RC cars, this is a proper RC hobby racing machine! Aluminium centre drive shaft, high spec electronic speed control, aluminium capped oil filled shocks, performance differentials, aluminium radio tray and much more, This Himoto Racing Electric RC Buggy 3101 is in a league of it’s own.

Himoto Racing 1/10 Zmoto Electric buggy 3101Blue_Lightning

Himoto Racing 1/10 Zmoto Electric buggy 3101

Features Himoto Racing Electric RC buggy 3101
• Powerful RC540 Motor
• Aluminium Centre Transmission Shaft
• Front/Rear Differential Gear
• Aluminium shock towers
• Four oil filled aluminium capped shocks
• Suspension Arms with Adjustable Width
• Four Wheel Drive System
• SP-03018 Electronic Proportional Speed Control Provides Easy and Quick Response
• Pistol Grip Controller with 3 Function proportional speed control (Forward, Brake, Reverse)
• Solid Aluminium Upper Deck
• Durable and Anti-skid Wheel Tyres
• 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH Battery Power Pack
• UK mains charger for the battery
• Full Ball bearings for whole vehicle

Specification Himoto Racing Electric RC buggy 3101
• Length: 400mm (15.75′)
• Width: 250mm (9.85′)
• Height: 160mm (6.3′)
• Wheelbase: 275mm (10.8′)
• Gear Ratio: 8.038:1
• RC540 Racing Motor
• Tyre Diameter: Front: 86mm (3.4′) * 32 mm (1.25′), Rear: 86mm (3.4′)*40mm (1.57′)
• Tyre Width: Front: 32 mm, Rear: 40mm

Required To Use
This model is fully factory built and Ready To Run with all radio gear including Pistol Type Controller.
All that’s needed 8 AA Batteries for the controller.

Item Condition
All the models, accessories and spares we sell are brand new and unused in the original manufacturers packaging and the latest specification.
We do not sell customer returns, factory seconds, reconditioned or old specification items.

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