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Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy 1/10 Scale 2 Speed 4WD 2.4Ghz HI8103

This is the latest great looking and even better performing Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy. This buggy is extra tough and a good all rounder performing well both on road and off.
This Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy is feature packed making it one of the top spec. buggies on the market and the .18 engine along with the automatic 2 speed gearbox makes it extremely quick, in fact one of the fastest 1/10 scale Nitro Buggies around.
Please note there are other cheaper versions of this Himoto Syclone Flame Nitro buggy available elsewhere, but this is the top of the range model with two speed gearbox and the pivot ball suspension. Further upgrades are also included such as the VX18 High-Torque engine, upgraded servo’s and 2.4GHz Pistol type transmitter.
The Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy comes fully built with everything included apart from fuel, glow start and 2 normal AA batteries.

Why should you buy this Himoto Syclone Flame Nitro Buggy?
There are many 1:10 scale Nitro Buggies available around this price but the Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy 1/10 Scale 2 Speed 4WD 2.4Ghz HI8103 has the best specification.

Many have the old type 27MHz radio gear, the Himoto Sun Fire has the latest 2.4G Radio.
The quality of the Radio system and servos is much better than other makes making this model more reliable.
A strong 2.5mm thick anodised chassis rather than the cheaper plastic ones.
Powerful and reliable VX18 High-Torque Nitro engine.
Slipper Clutch to protect the Spur Gear.
Front and rear metal Drive gears
Sealed radio compartment to protect the electronics.
This extra specification adds up to a more reliable and faster Buggy with more precise control and no worry of interference.
So for the same money who wouldn’t choose the Himoto Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy?

Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy HI8103 Features

  • Pivot Ball suspension
  • Assembled Oil-filled aluminium shocks
  • 2.5mm thick anodised aluminium chassis
  • Composite Tuned Pipe
  • Pre-painted body with decals applied
  • Super-efficient 4WD shaft-drive
  • 75 cc fuel tank with splash guard
  • Two speed gearbox
  • Hollow light weight flywheel
  • Slipper clutch system to protect spur gear
  • High impact & high traction electroplated wheels
  • Fiber disc brake for extra stopping power
  • Front and rear hardened metal drive gears
  • Sealed radio box protects the electronics
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • High performance VX18 High-Torque Engine
  • 2.4 g pistol controller

Himoto Python XV3 PRO Nitro RC Buggy HI8103 Specification

  • Length: 400mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Wheelbase: 275mm
  • Gear Ratio Two Speed: 5.84:1(H) 8.058:1(L)
  • Ground Clearance: 26mm
  • Front Tyres: 32mm width 86mm diameter
  • Rear Tyres: 40mm width 86mm diameter
  • Radio: 2.4GHz Pistol type
  • Engine: VX18 High-Torque

Required To Use
This model is fully factory built and Ready To Run with all radio gear including Pistol Type Controller.
All that’s needed 4 AA Batteries for the controller and 4 for the car.
To start the engine you also need a Glow Starter and some Fuel.

Item Condition
All the models, accessories and spares we sell are brand new and unused in the original manufacturers packaging and the latest specification.
We do not sell customer returns, factory seconds, reconditioned or old specification items.

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