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Himoto EMXT-1 PRO Brushless Electric 4WD RC Truck Latest Version

The hot new Himoto EMXT-1 PRO Brushless Electric 4WD RC Truck is the latest in the line of great RC Trucks from Himoto. This truck is simple to set up and run making it ideal for beginners. But have no doubt that this ready to run radio control Truck is a hobby grade RC Truck.

The 2.4ghz radio allows precise proportional control of this powerful Truck. The steering servo delivers more than 6 pounds of torque to steer this Truck in the right direction. Transferring all this instant electric power to the knobby tires is an efficient shaft driven 4 wheel drive system. The geared front and rear differentials driven by an aluminium centre drive shaft ensure maximum traction and reliability in the roughest terrain. The oil filled shocks allow the suspension to soak up all the bumps and rough stuff you throw at it.

A pre-cut and factory painted body permits you to get into instant action once you open the box and get everything charged. The Himoto EMXT-1 PRO delivers smooth handling and precise response for you to enjoy the thrill of radio control car action. With the Himoto EMXT-1 PRO you are guaranteed to have hours of fun and excitement

Himoto EMXT-1 PRO Truck Features

  • Geared front and rear Differentials
  • Ball Bearings throughout
  • Shaft Driven 4 Wheel Drive System
  • Pre-cut Pre-painted Body Shell
  • Chrome Plated Wheels
  • 3kg/6.6lbs Torque Steering Servo
  • Brushless Motor
  • Brushless Speed Controller
  • 2.4ghz Transmitter
  • 2 in 1 2.4ghz Waterproof Receiver and Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
  • 7.2v Li-Po 2000mah Battery
  • Li-Po Battery Charger

Himoto EMXT-1 PRO Truck Specifications

  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Wheelbase: 275mm

Required To Use
This model is fully factory built and Ready To Run with all radio gear including Pistol Type Controller plus rechargeable battery and battery charger.
All that’s needed 4 AA Batteries for the controller.

Item Condition
All the models, accessories and spares we sell are brand new and unused in the original manufacturers packaging and the latest specification.
We do not sell customer returns, factory seconds, reconditioned or old specification items.

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